ALN and Inclusion

The SEN system is changing from September 2021 to a new 'Additional learning needs ' (ALN) system.

The Welsh Government is changing the way that children with special educational needs (SEN) will be supported. The new system defines SEN as Additional Learning Needs (ALN). The law is changing for several reasons : the main one is to make the process simpler and more transparent for all involved (see below for more details)

From January 2022, for those pupils on the ALN register in N, Y1, Y3 and Y5, there will be a Person Centred review followed by an Individual Development plan (IDP) being written in consultation with school staff, parents and the child. The other year groups will come on board the following academic year, until then their IEPS and review will remain as they were. Miss Long is our ALNCO within school and she will be leading the changes and ALN at Heolgerrig.

To keep you up to date, please see a range of documents below including:

Person Centred Practices (PCP)

At Heolgerrig Community Primary we aim to be person centred in the way we think and teach. We believe that each child is an individual and that learning should be personalised. We use a range of person centred thinking tools during circle time and wellbeing sessions. These tools help staff get to know the children on a deeper level and understand their needs.

PCP Tools includes;

  • Relationship circle

  • What's working/not working

  • Good day/bad day

  • 4 plus 1 question

Using these tools helps form a One Page Profile.

One Page Profiles.

A One Page Profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings:

-what people like/appreciate about me,

-what’s important to me

-how best to support me.

Interventions and support for pupils:

We have many types of interventions to support children's needs. Some of these include:

  • ELSA-for groups or individuals

  • Lego therapy

  • Read, Write, Inc.

  • Wellcomm (Speech and language)

  • Language and Numeracy support.

Outside Support agencies/useful websites

  • Multi agency support for parents- Early Help Hub:

  • The Exchange counselling service: