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Heolgerrig Community School Healthcare Needs Policy August 2017 S P (1).pdf


Needs policy

Positive Behaviour Policy Feb 2022 v2 (2)

Positive behaviour policy

Privacy Standards Policy Heolgerrig.pdf

Privacy standards policy

School Privacy Notice 2016 (1).pdf

School privacy notice

Subject Access Request Policy heolgerrig.pdf

Subject access request policy

HWB Data Sharing Agreement 02 05 2018.pdf

Hwb data sharing agreement

Heolgerrig Anti-Bullying Policy GB 21 10 2020.pdf

Anti bullying policy

Complaints Policy Heolgerrig revised September 2017 with appendicies (1).pdf

Complaints policy

Data Protection Breach Policy Heolgerrig.pdf

Data protection breach policy

Safeguarding policy GB 21 10 2020.pdf

Child safeguarding  policy

Consent Policy Heolgerrig May 2018 updated consent policies.pdf

Consent policy

Uniform Policy for Website 20 11 2019.pdf
Heolgerrig Community School traffic management for website.pdf
Walking home policy for website 21 11 19.pdf
2023 School Smoke Free Premises Policy Heolgerrig v2 (E).pdf
E-safety policy GB 21 10 2020.pdf
Prospectus AM 2022 2023 v2.pdf
RSE Policy Approved March 2023 HEO.pdf

RSE Policy