Reading Numbers 7 8 9.mp4

Reading Numbers

Squiggleworth 3d numbers.mp4

Squiggleworth -
3 Digit Numbers

Squiggleworth 2dp.mp4

Squiggleworth -
Decimal Numbers

There are only a few number facts we expect children to learn, and so although it is correct to refer to them as facts, it is actually more helpful to call the ones we wish ones to learn 'Learn Its'.

A 'Learn It' is a number fact that is learnt so well that it can be recalled instantly. They should know all 'Learn Its' as well as they know 1+1, or as well as they know their name! With genuine recall of facts there is no thinking time.

'Learn Its' save us from counting again and again. They are number facts that we need repeatedly in core numeracy, outer numeracy and real life maths.

Children simply cannot be properly numerate without strong recall of 'Learn Its'.

There are 72 'Learn Its' in total.
(36 addition 'Learn Its' and 36 multiplication 'Learn Its')

Doubling 2d without crossing 10.mp4

Doubling -
Without Crossing 10

Halving 2d.mp4


Jigsaw Numbers to 10.mp4

Jigsaw Numbers

to 10

Jigsaw Numbers to the next multiple of 10.mp4

Jigsaw Numbers

to the next multiple of 10

Jigsaw Numbers to 100.mp4

Jigsaw Numbers

to 100

Multiplying by 10.mp4

Multiplying by 10

Multiplying by 100.mp4

Multiplying by 100

Multiplying decimal by 10.mp4

Multiplying a
decimal by 10

Dividing by 10.mp4

Dividing Multiples
of 10 by 10

Dividing whole numbers by 10.mp4

Dividing Whole
Numbers by 10

Smile Multiplication.mp4

Smile Multiplication

Fact Families.mp4

Fact Families

Coin Multiplication.mp4

Coin Multiplication

FAB Addition 2d + 2d.mp4

FAB Addition

(Parking/Fang Method)

Subtraction Bridging Method.mp4


(Bridging Method)

FAB Multiplication 1d x 3d.mp4

FAB Multiplication

Multiplication Grid Method.mp4


(Grid Method)

FAB Division with remainder.mp4

FAB Division

with remainder

See some CLIC strategies in action...

sharing objects equally.mp4


Sharing objects equally using physical objects

CLIC video year 1 jigsaw numbers to 10.mp4

Jigsaw Numbers

Finding the missing piece to 10

CLIC videos year 1 division sharing.mp4


Sharing objects equally

CLIC videos year 1 multiplication.mp4


Fact Families 1digit and 1 digit numbers.mp4

Fact Families

Squiggleworth step 1 partitioning a 2 digit number.mp4


Partitioning 2 digit numbers

Smile Multiplication.mp4

Smile Multiplication

subtraction step 28.mp4


subtraction from 100 using the Bridging method

Multiplying 1 digit by 3 digits.mp4

FAB Multiplication

Addition using columns (3digits).mp4

Column Addition

multiplying 2dx2d using a grid step 16.mp4

Grid Multiplication

subtraction step 34.mp4