Helping your child at home

Helpu'ch plentyn gartref

Left Handed Help

Read Write Inc Pure Sound Pronunciation (click on the link below)

N.B. The pronunciation of 'd' and 'g' must be said without the 'u' on the end.

Ruth Miskin (the founder of Read Write Inc) explains the programme for parents. Click on the link below.

Big Maths is being used across the school to ensure a consistent approach to Maths strategies is used in all classes. Our pupils have created 'How to' videos in our E'Learning zone explaining these strategies to further support your child's learning at home.

Useful websites

Please see our E-Learning zone to find links to websites and learning platforms that the children use regularly in school. If you need login details, please see your child's class teacher.

Information from welsh Government - Education Begins at home. Click here.

Year 2-6 Parents

On the Learning Wales website there are sample materials of test questions to complete at home to support your child with the national tests.